Welcome to Happy Feet.

I’m thrilled you’ve found us, and your little ones will be too.

We’re all about shoes that fit well and feel good. Just like each child is different, so too are their feet. At Happy Feet, we’re passionate about making sure your little ones have comfortable, supportive footwear that fits perfectly. With more than 25 years experience fitting feet, big and small, it was when I had my first child I noticed a real gap in the market – I wanted good quality shoes, fitted by experts at a reasonable price. This is when Happy Feet was born.

The team at Happy Feet has been trained in all aspects of growing feet including foot and lower limb biomechanics, fitting orthotics and problem areas as well as the features and fit of all the shoes we stock. As part of the process of matching your little one’s foot with the correct shoe we are ‘ink printing’ each little customer. Not only is this lots of fun for the kids, it helps us to analyse each little foot and identify foot characteristics that can affect the fit and comfort of a shoe. We’ll then recommend the best options for your little one.

We look forward to seeing you in store and looking after your growing family with comfortable, quality footwear that ensures HAPPY FEET! Come and see us at our store on Canning Hwy, find us on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to email us – info@happyfeetshoes.com.au.

VIP Club

Every little customer will receive a discount voucher in their Birthday month to celebrate their special day, and ensure their growing feet are able to join in the party!

Kid’s Zone

We have a fun safe and secure ‘Kid’s Zone’ that caters for young babies up to primary age children, allowing you to focus on your little one’s individually.